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Updates on the way


So, after many weeks of updating nothing, I'm an updating frenzy at the moment! All in all, what has happened?

 I've played a few gigs, both around the Sheffield area and the Chesterfield area, thanks to the guys at who cares production. I've played with some awesome bands, once again sharing a stage with both Ichabod and Christy Smith, while sharing the stage with The native braves, The pretty rascals and the Khaki scouts and also the awesome Tesla coils. Each video will be up as soon as i can get them up, as I know i have been a little behind on the upload circuit!

 Also I'm working on a new page for promoters! So it will make it easier for any other bands wanting to get in touch for gigs. As you can all tell, I'm pretty hot on networking, also it's mainly because I wanna trade nudes with people and this is a good way of doing so;)

On the E.p front, things are looking very promising. After a quick reshuffle of the name, there is a release date in sight! hopefully in the next couple of weeks! long time coming that is for sure. However, writing has taken shape again with some new songs taking shape under the names of The last tribes of Eden and Beckys magic cannon and finally, Up like the sun. Nice when things start to take form isn't it?

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