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Updates about everything 2


Good morning everybody! 

                                   So you know how all this goes by now. It has been a month, well a day under and to be honest I thought it had been much longer than that, so I'm rather impressed with myself right now. Just wanted to give you a few updates on a few things. The ep is nearly done, two more songs are needing completion, then it's all go from there. In the mean time however, a new single will be released to tempt you into some new music. I know it's been a long time since anything new has come out of the Parasol camp, but the wait will be worth it I promise. I haven't gigged in a while just so I can focus on writing some new songs. The results have been satisfying. Saying that, I have been making cameo appearances here and there. One such gig will be next week at the Sheffield Style Show, taking place on the 3rd of October. 

Another piece of news for all other musicians who stumble across this page. In Sheffield, at a loverly little place called The Hop an open mic is taking place every two weeks. The first one happened this week and was an unbelievable success, I cannot thank everyone enough for coming down to play and for those who just came to watch and enjoy, without you it couldn't have been as good as it was. Many thanks to R&R Unplugged, Tom Moore, Nick Owen, Odd Request consisting of Becci Scales and David Walker, the latter of which also performed a wonderful solo acoustic set. Everyone was great and it made both myself and my good friend Dan Clarke (Who produced some beautiful sounds) let out a sigh of relief. If you wanna get on board find the facebook group at The Hop Presents: Parasol and Dan's open mic jam 

till next time 




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