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The Sun inn acoustic night

So tonight at The Sun Inn was a mix up that turned out to be a loverly night. I thought I was playing, then it turns out I wasn't, but then I got to, which was awesome! I managed to get slotted in between two acts for a slightly shorter set. My intention was to slot in some new songs, but I decided to stick with the songs I've come to play frequently and save the new stuff for my next gig at The Sun Inn. I got to play with some great acoustic acts tonight Richard Dilks rocking his guitar and harmonica, that was wicked, enjoyed the gruff voice too man! There was also the beautifully talented Lexi Whiteside, who gave us a great rendition of Valarie along with her own soulful original material, plus next time we are taking our clothes off! Lastly there was Josh Pendleton, I didn't get to catch the entire of his set as I had to catch my train, but it was nice to hear a cover of what went wrong? Thanks again to both Richard and Chris Alsop and the whole of Who cares music and lastly, to the pretty lady at the bar, sign up to the mailing list and I'll get the songs to you. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the first acoustic night! I had a blast and I can't wait to return, I think it is the 3rd of October. Take it easy



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