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The Green Room



Ah so, this past week I was back at the Green Room in Sheffield. It's a great venue and I dig it so much, even more so now that I've been able to play there! But, Thursday was a great night, I was able to play a long side the Mighty and powerful Humble Scoundrel and one of my favourite bands I've had the chance to play with again Glass Ankle. It was perhaps my favourite set I had played ever, if not my favourite. I played a new song called 'Posstcards from Rachel', which because of the response it got from others, will perhaps be the next single to be released. However, Taking the stage next was the Humble Scoundrels. They are a three piece band from Leeds and man did they bring it to Sheffield. From the get go, the high energy act, fileld with catch rocking tunes really got the place moving, and they did bring some pretty ladies with them too who helped bring some more movement to the floor. I did manage to record a few songs from the set, which I will put up soon as the ongs really do have to heard and appreciated by everyone. After the Humble Scoundrels, Glass Ankle took to the stage. Despite having lost their saxophone/bass player, they didn't sound any less brilliant than the last time I played with them. After listening to the Ep I knew a few more words this time round and really enjoyed hearing the wondering leading track off their Fragments E.p 'Poor boy' Though, they are a little more chilled than Humble Scoundrels, they still brought with them the heart that live music has and their tunes sounded wonderfully pretty and closed the night amazingly.

Though, It wouldn't have been possible at all without the loverly Amy putting us on so we could start a blossoming love affair or take this awesome band selfie. Thanks a lot Amy this is for you!


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