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Summer Antonia update #1


After the first week and a half of recording, I'm happy to say that the first song is completed. It's a relief, but the first step in the making of something new has been started, so for that I'm grateful. There are five more songs to do, but It's a nice break from working on the album, yeah, there is a lot of writing going on at the moment, however it is all coming into place. I've taken a different approach to writing this time and really slowed things down this time. For all the promises was a little rushed in terms of what I wanted to do, so I've really taken my time with the recording this new Ep. there will be a few surprises in sound from this new release, but it won't be too far away from the sound that has become my signature. I just hope you all like it as much as I do. There hasn't yet been any recording this week as I'm just finishing off the words for one of the new songs, but hopefully all being well, this will kick off again at the weekend. 

Before the ep is released I will be putting a single before hand. This isn't the free one I've been promising as that is for a little later and you all still have to decide that one. (I'm well aware, that I'm behind on this) along with the recording process, the demos will be coming along. I have recorded them, they just need to be put up on the website.


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