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Summer Antonia 7

good evening everyone!

We know how this goes don't we? I don't post anything for a month, then tell you I'm going to change and do more uploading, then a month passes by and we repeat the process. However, I do have some updates, well update is more the correct term. Summer Antonia is 4 tracks in now and with three more on the way, it looks like things will be picking up in terms of a release date soon enough. I'm trying to decide whether I should ass a couple more songs to what is fast becoming more of an album than an EP, but either way, it is nearing completion and I'm really happy with how it is all sounding now, the songs have really come together. To achieve this, I've had to sacrifice some gigging time and had to turn down a few offers, but this is only a temporary solution and soon I'll be back out there playing my guitar to all you loverly people. 

Weirdly enough, and awesomely enough, who ever the hell has been playing 'For all the promises' so much, thank you, it's nice to see people are still digging it man and enjoying it so much they need to keep on playing. Hopefully, you'll be digging the new stuff just as much and the new songs will be easing their way into my set when I get back on the circuit. 


Till the next time I post something. There will be new stuff to look at. 


Take care

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