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Summer Antonia #4

Another late addition to the Parasol Blog. This has become a habit i never intended to start. But we might as well keep to tradition. 

 So what has been new recently? Quite a lot actually. Last week I managed to get into the studio to start recording what will eventually be my third ep. Confusing right? Well, let me explain a little further. At this point I was hoping to have the album 'Postcards from Rachel' finished and ready to release, however things took quite a large left turn and those plans had to be stopped. The Album is still in the works to come out, but it will be most likely at the end of the year, if not the beginning of next. A long wait indeed. The reason is simply because the writing has been very slow for it as I'd like to tell a story and don't want to rush. The songs are coming nicely, just very slowly. So, to fill the gap in between, a couple of eps are on their way. The first you are aware of, Which is 'Summer Antonia' and the second which is being recorded in a separate studio will be called 'Mid-west where are you'. Both eps have a very different feel from one another, but they are still true to the Parasol sound. In saying that, the reason two are being recorded at the same time, is because the songs are being written side by side, while having a completely different life behind them. Two stories, two eps. 

In light of this little revelation, a single will be released shortly. The first song off the new ep titled 'Day dreams' will be out soon. 



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