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Summer Antonia#2

Time for another Ep Update.

The second song is underway, I've mentioned this on the facebook page, but to those who haven't seen it, The song being recorded is 'In the clouds'. This is a song I've playing for a long time since its incarnation in 2008 and it holds a lot of memories. It has been the last song I've played in each set since I began gigging as Parasol and after many times of struggling to record this song, now it feels right for it to find a place on the new Ep and true to tradition, it will be the last song. 

 I've added some new gigs to the calender, so if you are free for them, get  on down! I'll be playing some new songs if they are finished in time for the gigs. 

Lastly, a video is being created for the new single. I'll let you know more about it, closer to the release date. 


Take care everyone.



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