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Summer Antonia

Good evening everyone! a few things going down in the world of Parasol, but for now we'll just focus on the one that I've been waiting for. If you haven't noticed the background change on the website, then make sure you look now, because what you will see is the cover for the next ep titled 'Summer Antonia'. Writing has been going on for a little while, but to take a break from all the other stuff, I decided to record a little something that would be a great follow up to the first ep 'For all the promises'. Recording for this will begin over the week end and if all goes well, the end of march will be a good enough release date. The ep will have the usual Parasol feel to it, but with more polish and better guitar playing. Lyrically it has a little more depth than the other stuff, and will be a nice stepping stone to what will be following. I'm to film a few recording sessions too and let you into my humble recording studio. 

 If you did happen to miss the gig at the o2 in Sheffield, it is up on youtube for you to see. It was a painful gig vocally as I'd lost my voice the day before, but it sounds good, I'm happy with it. The next gig is up on the calender, so if you are in the area feel free to come down for a good time and see what all the fuss about. 


Take care.



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