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Some fresh air

Well, well, well. It has been almost six month I've posted anything on this website. It has been a busy year that's for sure, not just musically but with other things as well. The balance between trying to gig and study and work kinda didn't work all that we'll except for the weekly open mic nights I've been hosting the past 9 months. Things are easier now though as I've finished my year at college and now for the next few months I can focus on bringing out some music. 

So I'm hoping for a single to come out soon, as it has been like 6 months since the last one came out and I was hoping to have another one out by now, but things didn't pan out that way. The album is also heavily over due by the timescale I was hoping, but that can be finished now life has calmed down a bit. 

Also throughout the time doing the open mic nights, I've been recording what will become a live cd. But that process is still in the works.


Anyway, so I was at Slamdunk festival this on Saturday and to be fair the only reason I bought a ticket was to see The Starting Line. I've been wanting to see them since I was about 14 years old and I couldn't have asked for anything more. They were utterly amazing! From the moment they came on stage to the moment they got off it, it was such an amazing performance! I cannot even express how happy I am now that I've seen them live for the first time! I also got to meetc some of the guys as well! Possibly the best weekend ever I think! I did enjoy the rest of the festival but the highlight and the reason for going was The Starting Line, so thank you guys for playing and being so rad while I acted like a fangirl (I was really bad...). 


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