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Since The Green Room


Sorry for the delay everybody in writing something new up here! a lot has been going on and it has taken up much of my time indeed! So what is new?


Well the last gig i played was at The Green Room in Sheffield. I played along two very awesome acts, Kid Conventional and Glass Ankle. Both were amazing and it was really enjoyable to play alongside them, even though my throat did like me so much that day. However, that is all better now. It was a great night and I'll be putting up both bands on to the newly formed page known as band links! On this page I'll be placing all the links with bands I have played with so you can take a nosey round and see what is going on in local music scene. 

The e.p is also nearly done, I know I keep promising new things, but they are for certain on their way! There will also be some new songs being played in the up coming gigs, i just have to learn them for your listening pleasure! 

That I believe is everything!


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