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Parasol in January


So, the new year has been run in nicely and the cold chill of winter is still hanging around (at least in England anyway). There isn't a huge amount going on right now, however, there is a few things falling into place nicely. Recording is continuing in preparation for the upcoming release of the E.p titled 'Sunshine over the state'. I currently, myself don't have a large idea about the E.p, i only know there will be five tracks with the lead track being the single 'Feel so alone'. I should know more, but picking songs to recording is like trying to decide which girl you have the best chance with on a Friday night. Evidently, it's a difficult process as many guys will understand. 

It won't be too long before it is released, that I can assure you, and if anything does change I'll be sure to put something up worth saying. There will a youtube page coming soon with some live footage, hopefully that will keep you interested till the E.p comes out! 


Stay cool 


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