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Parasol and procrastination


So it has been a thing on my mind recently, that I don't pay enough attention to social media. I'm very aware of this, and I do intend on fixing this, but let me explain myself first, as a means of making as many excuses as possible to get myself out of any self ceated trouble. Social media is a pain in the ass and requires constant attention like a heavily indulgent relationship. Now, this isn't a bad thing, in fact it does help a lot. The way it connects people all over the world is amazing, this isn't something knew, everyone who uses it is very aware of how quickly information passes from country to country in hope that millions of people see the latest thing sent from a smartphone. My problem with it? why is this bad for me? Simple, it isn't. When it comes to social media I'm usually very slow on the uptake of these things and then when I get them, looking after it is a huge chore. When it comes to updating my twitter feed or working on some recordings, or writing some new songs, it's not hard to see which ones I'd rather pick. I'll get better, and if I can scramble a few more followers, or whatever on the various sites then I guess it will be worth it won't it?

Till another update comes.  

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