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New year, more organisation


Happy new year everyone! Hope you've all enjoyed the festivities and have settled nicely into your new year! So let's kick things off well shall we? 

The new single Zazu is now available to buy on iTunes or to listen to onspotify, it's the only single off the new ep, but hopefully it will give you something to look forward to! I'm just finishing up the ep to get it ready for mastering and then it will be ready for your listening pleasure. While sorting this one out, I've already started writing for the next release which will then lead on to the full album. The reason the album was delayed last year was simply because I wasn't happy with the songs I had and wanted to write a much better record. I think I've made the right choice as I'm loving the stuff I've written so far and it can only get better!

 The open mic nights kick off again on the 7th of this month and are now running weekly due to increasing popularity. That means more music, more local artists and just a better musical community forming in Sheffield. If you ever wanna come down feel free to get in touch and we'll happily put you on our magic list. I'll be creating a new page dedicated to the open mic nights in which all the latest news and videos will be up.


For now everyone taken care and I'll write soon



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