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New year


Well, Happy new year! It's a few days late I know, but it's close enough for it not to be a problem. So over the Christmas period I've been working on a bunch of new stuff, both for the album and just for fun. I've been working on something, a gift for everyone who has supported Parasol throughout the last year and also for those who have just discovered the music. It's just a song that has nothing to do with the upcoming album, it's just a song I wanted to record. It will be a free download that will be available from the website,it is nice to give things away for free isn't it?

 What are the plans for the new year then? Well The new single will be released early on in the year, with hopes to release the album in the end of spring, early summer, however, there will be new songs played in the sets to give you all something new. if you have all seen the trailer for the documentary, then the full thing will be out this year at some point, there are no plans for an exact release date, but as soon as I know, then you all will. The calender has been updated with the current gigs, so if you are around come down for some sweet acoustic sounds. I have tickets for the gig at the o2 in Sheffield, so if you'd like to come, get in touch and I'll get a ticket to you at a cost of £6.


Take it easy everyone



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