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Near the end of the year


As the end of the year approaches us, it's nice for the gigs to be slowing down. The only one I currently have booked is on the 24th of November which is the Sheffield Style Show. I've had a few problems with my throat recently so not having many gigs booked has been quite nice. Anyway, it has been a very productive year, but as it isn't over yet there is still more to come! Yes, there is more music to come before the year runs out, so hold on to your seats! As promised, the Christmas single will be out at some point early in December. With my voice being broken though singing has got to be reduced to a minimum. Good things ahead though!

 Updates to the website will be coming very soon, as it is so long overdue and I've been promising them for a little while. Perhaps i should just work harder at maintaining this thing. Right? Stand by though because over time some exciting things will be happening.


Take care!

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