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Good evening everybody. Well I think by the time i finish this post it will be morning. So I've play a couple of gigs in the last couple of weeks and i have some bands to mention to you! I play at The South Sea in Sheffield on the 18th of April, before that I played at The Hop, then after that I played in Chesterfield at The Bramtpton Manor. All of the gigs were awesome and I managed to meet some sweet bands along the way, who I believe I have added to the band links page. Some more will be added up. Even if the bands don't always get a mention in the blog section, i urge you to go to the links page and check everyone out, it's super important to keep the unsigned scene going ad showing support for a small band you may never have heard of otherwise. The videos will be up soon as well and each band or artist will have a song up for you to look at. Most have things released on Itunes, so if you like them please go and support them by buying from them, it isnt much, but it helps in some way.

Just so you know, Glass Ankle released their E.p not long ago called 'Fragments', The Protoneers have released theirs 'Seduction Woman', You're The Decoy have released their first single 'Different Air'. I'd reccomend all these as I have a copy of each and love them all so well done boys! Also Kid Conventional has an Ep called 'Maps' I've gigged with him a few times and really dig his stuff, so make sure you get a copy, then come see him live. All of them in fact.

So recently I played with Christy Smith, Ichabod and Tim Green Band. I didn't get to see the latter of the three, but his link will be here on the site anyway, so check it ould if you have time.

The Next gig for Parasol will be on Thursday night at the Green Room in Sheffield. I'll be supporting Glass Ankle and Humble Scoundrel.


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