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More Attention

You know, there are times where I can update this website everyday, then there are times, like this one, where i can't update for like weeks! Crazy aint it? where does time go eh? Anyway, enough excuses.

So coming up in the next few days, will be all the videos I have taken from my most recent gigs, there is a few acts I need to get on the website. Also the band page needs updating. I've also put up a couple of live tracks onto the website site and there will be more tracks will be coming along as I get them finished.

There are some more gigs coming up too which are all listed on the calender page. The E.p, is finished as due for release in the next couple of weeks and there will be some phyical copies to buy!!!! Yes! actual cds! the artwork is done, the and soon they will be ordered. ]

Anyway, more updates will come soon!


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