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Just a bit of name dropping

It's only been a few days since the release of the Ep, but already some of responses I've had have been great and I really appreciate all the comments people have said. As a first release it's a little bit nerve racking to wonder what people might think. However onwards and upwards! I've already started working on the follow up which will be the full album titled 'Postcards from Rachel'. Though, there could be a midway release in between them. Who knows eh? Anyway enough about me. 

the idea behind this post was to just throw out some names and hope people tag onto them, the band page will be updated either today or tomorrow, which ever allows me more here are some band names. Glass Ankle, The Humble Scoundrels, The bohemian Embassy, Head Of Light Entertainment, Ellie Foxon, You're The Decoy, The Pretty Rascals, kid Conventional, Nathan Hart, The Bandana Boys, Matt Hemshaw, Deep Red Thread, Caroline Francess, The Groovy Cats, Play The Joker, Big Stripey Lies and Rust. Those are just a few to tickle you for a little while 


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