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January coming to a close

As we come into the last week of January, I'd just like to let you all know, that I'll be playing at The Green Room on Thursday the 29th! If you can make it down that would be great, if not, there is a still tickets left for the o2 academy gig on the 21st of Feb. The beginning on of the year hasn't started out as i had planned, but those things can  be turned around with a little bit of music can't they? As usual, recording is going very slow, but new ideas keep on coming, I still promise something will be out soon, just getting the right song together. 

 I added a comments section to the website, so if you want to say hello and leave me a nice message, feel free, it would be nice to hear from you all. 

Also just wanted to give  quick shout out to the guys at The Crib Studios, sorry I can't make the open mic night, i will be at the next one!


Take it easy everyone!


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