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It has been a little bit of time


Evening everyone out there in Parasol land! Sorry for the terribly long time it has taken for me to add anything to the website. You know how you feel like an event wasn't that long ago, then suddenly you realise it has been a month? Yeah that is what has happened. But there is good reason why it has taken so long, except for the minor updates I've put up, like gig dates and what not.

 I've spent the last few weeks, working on the follow ups (yeah, that is meant to be a plural) to the Ep 'For all the promises'. So most nights when I haven't been gigging, I have been spending a lot of well deserved alone time with my guitar figuring out some new riffs and writing down fragmented lines of lyrics, that will at some point be put together in a way that will hopefully be pleasant on the ears. New song have started to slip their way into the set and currently based on reactions I've been getting, it looks like they will be creeping onto the next release. 

For now, that is everything, but stay tuned for more and not too far away Parasol updates!


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