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End of the week


Ah it's the end of another week and what a good week it has been. On Thursday I played a sweet gig at West Street Live in Sheffield and it was another good one. There were some wicked acts on there, who all played amazingly, i enjoyed everyone that night. There was Last Man Alone With God who can be found here

Also there was Miryan Kostadinov who can be found here, Ryan Lawler, who did an ace beat box accompaniment with his guitar, he can be found here and finally there was our headline act Tim OT, I have his Cd somewhere around and when I find it I will post his page on here too. 

The E.p is in motion, there is at least one song left to do, then I'll be hopefully getting it out there for people to buy and it would be awesome if everyone bought it! Things are moving a little slow though, as finding time to record is getting rather difficult, but it will be done. In the mean time I'll be looking for more gigs if anyone wants to put me on! 



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