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Christmas time

As per usual recently, I have slacked off on my posting and put nothing new on the website. I'm sorry for this. I don't have an excuse and I don't want to create one. Just to let everyone know, there are two gigs already booked for next year, one of which is at o2 academy in Sheffield. Check the dates on the calender page and tickets can be bought from me. 

Anyway, I did promise some sort of Christmas gift from myself to you all and I'm afraid it didn't turn out to be a Christmas song. The time to write one just hasn't been around. I'm bummed out as I'd really wanted to write one, but there is next year. That, gives me plenty of time. Do not fret because, I have a little something. It is a nice way to the end the year and great way to start a new one. It was done by my good friend Wesley Jones, who is an ace director with great vision as to what he wants. 

So without further delay, i present to you the trailer for the documentary 'I Guess that's life' 


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