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A Summer Antonia update

Good evening everyone! 

So how about a bit of positive energy eh? After another month of nothing coming on this website, which has become the theme for updating, I thought I'd let you know exactly what has been happening. I've found my flow again and I've been writing some good stuff to fit on the ep. It has taken much time, but through all the writers blocks and chord finding, I've found the stride I'd been wanting to find. The arch of the story has come together and now I just have to finish some words and crack one with the recording process. There are three songs finished for the ep, and I know I've been promising things over the last few months, but those promises will not be broken and things will soon start to emerge. Free downloads will be on for a short time and I'll let you know when the window is open! 

Until then though, all I ask is your continued patience in waiting for these things to arrive, they will be worth everything second you've waited for me. 

Take care.



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