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A night in The Shed

yesterday was a day of good things. It saw the release of my debut ep 'For all the promises' which is available on ITunes to buy or alternatively you can stream it in Spotify. I'm glad it's finally out as it has taken a long time to pull together and make sure I was happy with the way it sounded, plus the songs were ones, like I've said before, that hold a lot of history and now you get to hear my story. I'm hoping everyone who hears it enjoys the sound of it, because it will help with the next release. 

Also, last night was a cracking gig at The Shed in Leicester, some great acts on, there was Lydia, myself, Ellie Grace Foxon, Admiration2230(that is their YouTube channel, not their actual name, though it does sound kinda cool), Nathan Hart and closing the night were the awesome Bandana Boys. Everyone was on top form and sounding super! The videos along with all the others will be up soon. It's taken me a while to get them ready but they will be up soon! And the website will have some updates too. Massive thanks to Kev at The Shed for putting on a great show. 


Till next time 



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