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A night at The Shed


The 21st of August saw me return to The Shed in Leicester. It's a venue i love playing at and I'm always made to feel so welcome. It was  agreat night filled with many great acts, even one act named Suddenly Human coming from Germany on their short Uk tour. Also playing was Becky woolman, a loverly girl with the voice of an angel. She also plays in the rock band Fourpointoh whose album is available on Itunes. A local cowboy by the name of Stu Crown rocked the stage with his blues sound and gruff voice, along with a mighty impressive beard. A gentleman by the name of Haggis graced the stage as well, bringing itelligently humorous lyrics with a well played guitar to back him up.


i couldn't stay until the end as I had to catch my last train back to Sheffield. I did catch the first song of the last guy on, but i didn't manage to get his name. Thank you to everyone that came and once again for Kev the magic man for arranging the whole evening!


Until next time!

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