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A month ago

Ah, So a month has passed and I've got some news for you all that justifies my long break from writing anything. So as we are all very much aware, the recoding of Summer Antonia has taken a lot longer than expected and it's time i validate the reason for it. I wanted a particular sound and I spent a long time trying to find it. Eventually I did. I was writing a lot of songs, lyrics were written on the back of notepads from work, on scraps of paper I could find in desperation to simply not lose them, then I just had too many. So  I stopped and started to concentrate on the recording. The recordings I didn't like. I have this problem a lot and tend to throw away things purey on the bases that I didn't like what I liked a week ago. So I took a month away from the recordings and barely wrote anything. Then, I recorded the first track, named 'Summer Antonia'. I've been recording demos of various tracks that included harmonies I've been working on and n the next couple of days I'll upload them here, so you can hear them. This way, you all know what I'm working towards. 


Stay Classy. 



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