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Dear all,

              Okay, so let me first start off by saying thank you for looking at the website. If I'm honest it has been a long time since even I have looked at it, laziness creeps in again, but I'm not apologising because I always make it a point to let people know just how awful I am at keeping my various social media accounts up to date, it's why I do everything from Instagram and just get the app to re-post it for me. However, evidently you've noticed the new look of the website, yes, I've changed it because the old look was outdated, heavily outdated and boy did it look it. Now I'm trendy I can leave it like this for a few years until I get bored. 

 Anyway, it's 2017 and perhaps the time is now for a much-needed update. First point Summer Antonia is out now! yes it was released on the 18th of February this year, seems like a long time ago I was promising all that stuff before, well I made it and you can check it out on the various links at the bottom of the page, or you can buy it, either is fine as long as you hear it. Also staying true to nature I've already been working on the follow-up which will be titled 'The Story Of A Writer'. It's only a 6 track ep, but you know, I like to keep myself on edge by continually writing songs.

Lastly, there are some gigs coming up soon, and soonish, check those out on the gig page! Lastly, The open mic is no longer at The Hop, that place shut down. Now we've moved to the lovely Mulberry Tavern! We are still in Sheffield, just a different pub.

That's all for now, Peace out people, I'll do better with the updates and shit.



Some fresh air


Well, well, well. It has been almost six month I've posted anything on this website. It has been a busy year that's for sure, not just musically but with other things as well. The balance between trying to gig and study and work kinda didn't work all that we'll except for the weekly open mic nights I've been hosting the past 9 months. Things are easier now though as I've finished my year at college and now for the next few months I can focus on bringing out some music. 

So I'm hoping for a single to come out soon, as it has been like 6 months since the last one came out and I was hoping to have another one out by now, but things didn't pan out that way. The album is also heavily over due by the timescale I was hoping, but that can be finished now life has calmed down a bit. 

Also throughout the time doing the open mic nights, I've been recording what will become a live cd. But that process is still in the works.


Anyway, so I was at Slamdunk festival this on Saturday and to be fair the only reason I bought a ticket was to see The Starting Line. I've been wanting to see them since I was about 14 years old and I couldn't have asked for anything more. They were utterly amazing! From the moment they came on stage to the moment they got off it, it was such an amazing performance! I cannot even express how happy I am now that I've seen them live for the first time! I also got to meetc some of the guys as well! Possibly the best weekend ever I think! I did enjoy the rest of the festival but the highlight and the reason for going was The Starting Line, so thank you guys for playing and being so rad while I acted like a fangirl (I was really bad...). 


New year, more organisation



Happy new year everyone! Hope you've all enjoyed the festivities and have settled nicely into your new year! So let's kick things off well shall we? 

The new single Zazu is now available to buy on iTunes or to listen to onspotify, it's the only single off the new ep, but hopefully it will give you something to look forward to! I'm just finishing up the ep to get it ready for mastering and then it will be ready for your listening pleasure. While sorting this one out, I've already started writing for the next release which will then lead on to the full album. The reason the album was delayed last year was simply because I wasn't happy with the songs I had and wanted to write a much better record. I think I've made the right choice as I'm loving the stuff I've written so far and it can only get better!

 The open mic nights kick off again on the 7th of this month and are now running weekly due to increasing popularity. That means more music, more local artists and just a better musical community forming in Sheffield. If you ever wanna come down feel free to get in touch and we'll happily put you on our magic list. I'll be creating a new page dedicated to the open mic nights in which all the latest news and videos will be up.


For now everyone taken care and I'll write soon



Toward the end of the year



So, here we are, the end of the year. It has been a quiet year for me, well I say quiet, but in actual fact, I've spent most of the time working on the new Ep and trying to build the open mic night I've been a part of for the past few months. While it has been short on the gigging front, the Ep is actually finished! Yes, at last, the long awaited follow up to 'for all the promises' is finally completed. The release date isn't yet confirmed, but it will now be out in the new year. However, the new single 'Zazu' is out on the 18th of december!!! Make sure you save the date in you diaries because it's very exciting! Gotta give a shout out to my man Dan Clarke for doing the mixing for me, sounds utterly wonderful. 

The 17th of December will see the final open mic night before Christmas. If you fancy a bit of festive fun make sure you get on down to The Hop in Sheffield as it will be mega! This is the link to the group if anyone wants to join and see what we do! Parasol and Dan's open mic jam come on down!

Lastly, my last and only gig of the latter half of this year is also on the single release date, the 18th of December. The gig is sold out, so unfortunately if you want to come, you now cannot. It will be a great gig as I'm sharing the stage with me good friends The Mayfairs, they are absolutely amazing, check out their page, because it is also their single launch on that day! good day for local music! 


Well that is it from me for now. 


Take care, 



Updates about everything 2



Good morning everybody! 

                                   So you know how all this goes by now. It has been a month, well a day under and to be honest I thought it had been much longer than that, so I'm rather impressed with myself right now. Just wanted to give you a few updates on a few things. The ep is nearly done, two more songs are needing completion, then it's all go from there. In the mean time however, a new single will be released to tempt you into some new music. I know it's been a long time since anything new has come out of the Parasol camp, but the wait will be worth it I promise. I haven't gigged in a while just so I can focus on writing some new songs. The results have been satisfying. Saying that, I have been making cameo appearances here and there. One such gig will be next week at the Sheffield Style Show, taking place on the 3rd of October. 

Another piece of news for all other musicians who stumble across this page. In Sheffield, at a loverly little place called The Hop an open mic is taking place every two weeks. The first one happened this week and was an unbelievable success, I cannot thank everyone enough for coming down to play and for those who just came to watch and enjoy, without you it couldn't have been as good as it was. Many thanks to R&R Unplugged, Tom Moore, Nick Owen, Odd Request consisting of Becci Scales and David Walker, the latter of which also performed a wonderful solo acoustic set. Everyone was great and it made both myself and my good friend Dan Clarke (Who produced some beautiful sounds) let out a sigh of relief. If you wanna get on board find the facebook group at The Hop Presents: Parasol and Dan's open mic jam 

till next time 




Summer Antonia 7


good evening everyone!

We know how this goes don't we? I don't post anything for a month, then tell you I'm going to change and do more uploading, then a month passes by and we repeat the process. However, I do have some updates, well update is more the correct term. Summer Antonia is 4 tracks in now and with three more on the way, it looks like things will be picking up in terms of a release date soon enough. I'm trying to decide whether I should ass a couple more songs to what is fast becoming more of an album than an EP, but either way, it is nearing completion and I'm really happy with how it is all sounding now, the songs have really come together. To achieve this, I've had to sacrifice some gigging time and had to turn down a few offers, but this is only a temporary solution and soon I'll be back out there playing my guitar to all you loverly people. 

Weirdly enough, and awesomely enough, who ever the hell has been playing 'For all the promises' so much, thank you, it's nice to see people are still digging it man and enjoying it so much they need to keep on playing. Hopefully, you'll be digging the new stuff just as much and the new songs will be easing their way into my set when I get back on the circuit. 


Till the next time I post something. There will be new stuff to look at. 


Take care

A Summer Antonia update


Good evening everyone! 

So how about a bit of positive energy eh? After another month of nothing coming on this website, which has become the theme for updating, I thought I'd let you know exactly what has been happening. I've found my flow again and I've been writing some good stuff to fit on the ep. It has taken much time, but through all the writers blocks and chord finding, I've found the stride I'd been wanting to find. The arch of the story has come together and now I just have to finish some words and crack one with the recording process. There are three songs finished for the ep, and I know I've been promising things over the last few months, but those promises will not be broken and things will soon start to emerge. Free downloads will be on for a short time and I'll let you know when the window is open! 

Until then though, all I ask is your continued patience in waiting for these things to arrive, they will be worth everything second you've waited for me. 

Take care.



A month ago


Ah, So a month has passed and I've got some news for you all that justifies my long break from writing anything. So as we are all very much aware, the recoding of Summer Antonia has taken a lot longer than expected and it's time i validate the reason for it. I wanted a particular sound and I spent a long time trying to find it. Eventually I did. I was writing a lot of songs, lyrics were written on the back of notepads from work, on scraps of paper I could find in desperation to simply not lose them, then I just had too many. So  I stopped and started to concentrate on the recording. The recordings I didn't like. I have this problem a lot and tend to throw away things purey on the bases that I didn't like what I liked a week ago. So I took a month away from the recordings and barely wrote anything. Then, I recorded the first track, named 'Summer Antonia'. I've been recording demos of various tracks that included harmonies I've been working on and n the next couple of days I'll upload them here, so you can hear them. This way, you all know what I'm working towards. 


Stay Classy. 



Parasol and procrastination



So it has been a thing on my mind recently, that I don't pay enough attention to social media. I'm very aware of this, and I do intend on fixing this, but let me explain myself first, as a means of making as many excuses as possible to get myself out of any self ceated trouble. Social media is a pain in the ass and requires constant attention like a heavily indulgent relationship. Now, this isn't a bad thing, in fact it does help a lot. The way it connects people all over the world is amazing, this isn't something knew, everyone who uses it is very aware of how quickly information passes from country to country in hope that millions of people see the latest thing sent from a smartphone. My problem with it? why is this bad for me? Simple, it isn't. When it comes to social media I'm usually very slow on the uptake of these things and then when I get them, looking after it is a huge chore. When it comes to updating my twitter feed or working on some recordings, or writing some new songs, it's not hard to see which ones I'd rather pick. I'll get better, and if I can scramble a few more followers, or whatever on the various sites then I guess it will be worth it won't it?

Till another update comes.  

Summer Antonia #5


Time for another long overdue update. Although, to be fair its only been a week ish. If I kept on updating everyday, I'd run out of things to talk about. So here is a small, but sweet update. 

I've been working on the single 'Daydream' and have only got the vocals left to finish an then a release date will be announced. I think it's already one of my favorite songs on the ep. I feel like it's a good step forward in terms of musical direction, and after playing two fo the songs for the first time for everyone at The Cribs open mic night in Wombwell, they are becoming songs I'm happy to have written. 

I think I've mentioned this before, but i'm soon starting the weekly videos that will update you all on the parasol happenings! I'll get more organized, I promise.

For those of you who are in Wombwell on Saturday, I'll be there playing at the Town Hall. I'll be there for hopefully 7pm.


Take care everyone.



Summer Antonia #4


Another late addition to the Parasol Blog. This has become a habit i never intended to start. But we might as well keep to tradition. 

 So what has been new recently? Quite a lot actually. Last week I managed to get into the studio to start recording what will eventually be my third ep. Confusing right? Well, let me explain a little further. At this point I was hoping to have the album 'Postcards from Rachel' finished and ready to release, however things took quite a large left turn and those plans had to be stopped. The Album is still in the works to come out, but it will be most likely at the end of the year, if not the beginning of next. A long wait indeed. The reason is simply because the writing has been very slow for it as I'd like to tell a story and don't want to rush. The songs are coming nicely, just very slowly. So, to fill the gap in between, a couple of eps are on their way. The first you are aware of, Which is 'Summer Antonia' and the second which is being recorded in a separate studio will be called 'Mid-west where are you'. Both eps have a very different feel from one another, but they are still true to the Parasol sound. In saying that, the reason two are being recorded at the same time, is because the songs are being written side by side, while having a completely different life behind them. Two stories, two eps. 

In light of this little revelation, a single will be released shortly. The first song off the new ep titled 'Day dreams' will be out soon. 



Summer Antonia #2



Good evening everyone! How are we all? I thought I'd update you on how the ep is going, seen as it's been a few days since the last update. I haven't done anymore on the recording front this week,as I've been working on the writing side of things to make sure that the songs I'm recording are right for ep. I've had some great new ideas recently and I'd like to try them out before I lay them down to a final piece. There is a theme running through the ep, and it sounds exactly how I wanted it too, but I just need to make sure I tell the story correctly. So my sincerest apologies for any delays this may cause to its release, it will be worth it at the end. 

I'd also like to mention the recent gig at The South Sea in Sheffield. It was one of the best gigs I've played and been a part of, it just had such a great vibe to it and the crowd was awesome and really helped lift the whole night. I'd like to shout out to The Psycho Strangers and to The City Phasers, both were incredible and I'd reccomend seeing either of them if you get the chance, great music and great bunch of lads all round. I'll be adding a gig to the calender, It's at the Rocking Chair in Sheffield on the 2nd of April and tickets can be bought from me at the small price of £4. Don't be shy, come down an enjoy yourselves!


Take it easy everyone.



Summer Antonia#2


Time for another Ep Update.

The second song is underway, I've mentioned this on the facebook page, but to those who haven't seen it, The song being recorded is 'In the clouds'. This is a song I've playing for a long time since its incarnation in 2008 and it holds a lot of memories. It has been the last song I've played in each set since I began gigging as Parasol and after many times of struggling to record this song, now it feels right for it to find a place on the new Ep and true to tradition, it will be the last song. 

 I've added some new gigs to the calender, so if you are free for them, get  on down! I'll be playing some new songs if they are finished in time for the gigs. 

Lastly, a video is being created for the new single. I'll let you know more about it, closer to the release date. 


Take care everyone.



Website updates


Afternoon guys, 

                        So I've been doing some updates to the website. I've decided to keep the videos of other bands separate from the website. This is isn't for any other reason than it is easier for me to make the website only for my own videos. Though I haven't filmed any of the recent gigs, I do intend to make more videos of other bands to put on the youtube page. I hope this doesn't upset anyone and I hope you all understand my reasons for doing so. The band links page will still be up and I have some long overdue updates to make to that page, so just bare with me while I get them done. The Video page will be empty for a little while until I get more recent videos up and running. 

Thanks guys 




Summer Antonia update #1



After the first week and a half of recording, I'm happy to say that the first song is completed. It's a relief, but the first step in the making of something new has been started, so for that I'm grateful. There are five more songs to do, but It's a nice break from working on the album, yeah, there is a lot of writing going on at the moment, however it is all coming into place. I've taken a different approach to writing this time and really slowed things down this time. For all the promises was a little rushed in terms of what I wanted to do, so I've really taken my time with the recording this new Ep. there will be a few surprises in sound from this new release, but it won't be too far away from the sound that has become my signature. I just hope you all like it as much as I do. There hasn't yet been any recording this week as I'm just finishing off the words for one of the new songs, but hopefully all being well, this will kick off again at the weekend. 

Before the ep is released I will be putting a single before hand. This isn't the free one I've been promising as that is for a little later and you all still have to decide that one. (I'm well aware, that I'm behind on this) along with the recording process, the demos will be coming along. I have recorded them, they just need to be put up on the website.


Take it easy everyone



Summer Antonia


Summer Antonia...

Just a quick update


Nothing much to say here, but I just wanted to give you a quick update. An addition to the gig schedule has been made before the gig at the o2 in Sheffield. So for those who cant make Saturday, then come along on the 19th to The Hop for some Parasol fun. Also, as promised I've recorded three demo's in the most raw condition ever. They will be up on the website soon and by the end of the week the a competition will go live to choose the new single out of the demos, with the prize being a free copy of the single before the release date. 


that's it for now, till next time



January coming to a close


As we come into the last week of January, I'd just like to let you all know, that I'll be playing at The Green Room on Thursday the 29th! If you can make it down that would be great, if not, there is a still tickets left for the o2 academy gig on the 21st of Feb. The beginning on of the year hasn't started out as i had planned, but those things can  be turned around with a little bit of music can't they? As usual, recording is going very slow, but new ideas keep on coming, I still promise something will be out soon, just getting the right song together. 

 I added a comments section to the website, so if you want to say hello and leave me a nice message, feel free, it would be nice to hear from you all. 

Also just wanted to give  quick shout out to the guys at The Crib Studios, sorry I can't make the open mic night, i will be at the next one!


Take it easy everyone!


New year



Well, Happy new year! It's a few days late I know, but it's close enough for it not to be a problem. So over the Christmas period I've been working on a bunch of new stuff, both for the album and just for fun. I've been working on something, a gift for everyone who has supported Parasol throughout the last year and also for those who have just discovered the music. It's just a song that has nothing to do with the upcoming album, it's just a song I wanted to record. It will be a free download that will be available from the website,it is nice to give things away for free isn't it?

 What are the plans for the new year then? Well The new single will be released early on in the year, with hopes to release the album in the end of spring, early summer, however, there will be new songs played in the sets to give you all something new. if you have all seen the trailer for the documentary, then the full thing will be out this year at some point, there are no plans for an exact release date, but as soon as I know, then you all will. The calender has been updated with the current gigs, so if you are around come down for some sweet acoustic sounds. I have tickets for the gig at the o2 in Sheffield, so if you'd like to come, get in touch and I'll get a ticket to you at a cost of £6.


Take it easy everyone



Christmas time


As per usual recently, I have slacked off on my posting and put nothing new on the website. I'm sorry for this. I don't have an excuse and I don't want to create one. Just to let everyone know, there are two gigs already booked for next year, one of which is at o2 academy in Sheffield. Check the dates on the calender page and tickets can be bought from me. 

Anyway, I did promise some sort of Christmas gift from myself to you all and I'm afraid it didn't turn out to be a Christmas song. The time to write one just hasn't been around. I'm bummed out as I'd really wanted to write one, but there is next year. That, gives me plenty of time. Do not fret because, I have a little something. It is a nice way to the end the year and great way to start a new one. It was done by my good friend Wesley Jones, who is an ace director with great vision as to what he wants. 

So without further delay, i present to you the trailer for the documentary 'I Guess that's life' 


Near the end of the year



As the end of the year approaches us, it's nice for the gigs to be slowing down. The only one I currently have booked is on the 24th of November which is the Sheffield Style Show. I've had a few problems with my throat recently so not having many gigs booked has been quite nice. Anyway, it has been a very productive year, but as it isn't over yet there is still more to come! Yes, there is more music to come before the year runs out, so hold on to your seats! As promised, the Christmas single will be out at some point early in December. With my voice being broken though singing has got to be reduced to a minimum. Good things ahead though!

 Updates to the website will be coming very soon, as it is so long overdue and I've been promising them for a little while. Perhaps i should just work harder at maintaining this thing. Right? Stand by though because over time some exciting things will be happening.


Take care!

Return from some writing


Aftenoon everyone, 

                            How are we all? Autumn has decided it is time to show its face. The cold chill has swept through the streets and the rain is falling, a lot. I took a few weeks off from gigging this month so I could take some time to do some writing. I've been working on the current E.p and also at the same time working on the my first full release, which would be out by early next year. I've been trying to develop the sound that I used 'For all the promises' but this time, with a feeling of floating in space. A single will be released either by the end of the year or early next year, and most importantly a Christmas single will be out too! Thought I'd get in the Christmas spirit and join the ranks of Christmas song writing!

 Anyway, Take it easy!

An Ep from out of space



Morning everyone, 

                              So I thought let you all know what I have been up to recently, it has been about a week since my last post. I have started the work on a collection of songs that will eventually form into a four track Ep. The songs on the Ep are more into the dreamy side of things, keeping the same Parasol sound, but bringing some thoughts that float around my mind from time to time. You know like, what would be like to travel at warp speed? stuff like that. Evidently there isn't much going through my mind when there isn't much to do. But it will be a fun Ep to get out to every one and recording should hopefully start in the next few days. Things are a little quite on the gig front at the moment so it should give me some time to really focus on the writing and getting the songs into a place where I will be as happy with them as I can be. There is one track, that is nearly written and it's one of my favorites I've done so far it is titled 'Quantum Leap'. I'm a big fan of the show, and it's a kinda homage to that. 

That is pretty much it for now. but I'll be back soon with more


Take it easy 



The Sun inn acoustic night


So tonight at The Sun Inn was a mix up that turned out to be a loverly night. I thought I was playing, then it turns out I wasn't, but then I got to, which was awesome! I managed to get slotted in between two acts for a slightly shorter set. My intention was to slot in some new songs, but I decided to stick with the songs I've come to play frequently and save the new stuff for my next gig at The Sun Inn. I got to play with some great acoustic acts tonight Richard Dilks rocking his guitar and harmonica, that was wicked, enjoyed the gruff voice too man! There was also the beautifully talented Lexi Whiteside, who gave us a great rendition of Valarie along with her own soulful original material, plus next time we are taking our clothes off! Lastly there was Josh Pendleton, I didn't get to catch the entire of his set as I had to catch my train, but it was nice to hear a cover of what went wrong? Thanks again to both Richard and Chris Alsop and the whole of Who cares music and lastly, to the pretty lady at the bar, sign up to the mailing list and I'll get the songs to you. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the first acoustic night! I had a blast and I can't wait to return, I think it is the 3rd of October. Take it easy



It's been well over a month



Good evening everyone out there is Parasolland!

                                                                         So once again, my updating of this website has been terrible! I know, I know. Time is crazy thing and it is already the middle of September. However, it has been a very productive year. I only started properly gigging last year and I've enjoyed every single one that I have played, plus so far, and i hope it continues the same way because I have played with some amazing acts and met some great people. The promoters have all been great as well and I can't thank them enough for continuing to put me into the line ups. The Ep, although only released a couple of months ago finally arrived after almost a year of following the single and yeah, after numerous listens before it was finished, I did end up liking it. The year however, isn't over. By the end of the year I hope to have released another single, if all goes well, the second E.p before the full album comes out next year. There will also be a Christmas single. The next E.p will be dependent on the the choice of single as there is almost enough material for two. Before I move on, I'd also like to say a huge thank you to everyone has come to the gigs and showwed their support every time. It keeps me going! And for those who havent been yet, there are many chances, so make sure you don't miss out!

A night at The Shed



The 21st of August saw me return to The Shed in Leicester. It's a venue i love playing at and I'm always made to feel so welcome. It was  agreat night filled with many great acts, even one act named Suddenly Human coming from Germany on their short Uk tour. Also playing was Becky woolman, a loverly girl with the voice of an angel. She also plays in the rock band Fourpointoh whose album is available on Itunes. A local cowboy by the name of Stu Crown rocked the stage with his blues sound and gruff voice, along with a mighty impressive beard. A gentleman by the name of Haggis graced the stage as well, bringing itelligently humorous lyrics with a well played guitar to back him up.


i couldn't stay until the end as I had to catch my last train back to Sheffield. I did catch the first song of the last guy on, but i didn't manage to get his name. Thank you to everyone that came and once again for Kev the magic man for arranging the whole evening!


Until next time!

It has been a little bit of time



Evening everyone out there in Parasol land! Sorry for the terribly long time it has taken for me to add anything to the website. You know how you feel like an event wasn't that long ago, then suddenly you realise it has been a month? Yeah that is what has happened. But there is good reason why it has taken so long, except for the minor updates I've put up, like gig dates and what not.

 I've spent the last few weeks, working on the follow ups (yeah, that is meant to be a plural) to the Ep 'For all the promises'. So most nights when I haven't been gigging, I have been spending a lot of well deserved alone time with my guitar figuring out some new riffs and writing down fragmented lines of lyrics, that will at some point be put together in a way that will hopefully be pleasant on the ears. New song have started to slip their way into the set and currently based on reactions I've been getting, it looks like they will be creeping onto the next release. 

For now, that is everything, but stay tuned for more and not too far away Parasol updates!




Today was an epic day at the Sheffield Tramlines festival. I managed to get a last minute slot thanks to the guys at Who cares music. It was an awesome gig and managed to play in front of some new faces as well as some familiar faces which is always good! Hopefully those who enjoyed it will listen to the E.p or even buy it! hopefully everyone in the whole world buys it! Everyone!

The gig list has been updated to show my next few gigs, there aren't many at the moment, but I'm hoping that will grow soon, although it is giving me time to work on some new songs and start work on the follow E.p before the release of the full album later this year.

Stay cool everyone!!



Just a bit of name dropping


It's only been a few days since the release of the Ep, but already some of responses I've had have been great and I really appreciate all the comments people have said. As a first release it's a little bit nerve racking to wonder what people might think. However onwards and upwards! I've already started working on the follow up which will be the full album titled 'Postcards from Rachel'. Though, there could be a midway release in between them. Who knows eh? Anyway enough about me. 

the idea behind this post was to just throw out some names and hope people tag onto them, the band page will be updated either today or tomorrow, which ever allows me more here are some band names. Glass Ankle, The Humble Scoundrels, The bohemian Embassy, Head Of Light Entertainment, Ellie Foxon, You're The Decoy, The Pretty Rascals, kid Conventional, Nathan Hart, The Bandana Boys, Matt Hemshaw, Deep Red Thread, Caroline Francess, The Groovy Cats, Play The Joker, Big Stripey Lies and Rust. Those are just a few to tickle you for a little while 


A night in The Shed


Thursday night at The Shed 

Just a bit of news to prevent my laziness



So it has been a week since my last post and I do apologise, this week for other reasons has been a little busy though. So first and foremost on the 17th of July the E.P 'For all the promises' will be released in digital format on iTunes and various other music purchasing places, it will also be on spotify for you all stream and favourite into your playlists. I has taken a long time indeed, but it has been an interesting road in recording the songs. Debuts are a little scary aren't they? Songs that have been laying around for a long time finally coming into a place where other people can hear them after years of trying to make them good enough to tell the story that you wish too. Anyway, I hope on the day of release, a few people pick it up and if only one of those people like it, then the job is done I think and that will be enough to work on the next one. In the mean time though, a recording of postcards from Rachel is in the works and will be the next single in due time. 

 There are a few gigs coming up in the next few weeks, there 8th of July at West street live in sheffield, the 12th of July at tThe South Sea in Sheffield, the 17th of July at The Shed in Leicester and the 15th of August  at The Royal Oak in Barlborough 

as promised videos will be appearing on the YouTube page, again I'm sorry this is taking so long, but sometimes time is just a little short isn't it? 

Thanks a lot everyone

until next time! 


(ps I'm currently typing this post on the train on my phone, so sorry for any mistakes) 

More Attention


You know, there are times where I can update this website everyday, then there are times, like this one, where i can't update for like weeks! Crazy aint it? where does time go eh? Anyway, enough excuses.

So coming up in the next few days, will be all the videos I have taken from my most recent gigs, there is a few acts I need to get on the website. Also the band page needs updating. I've also put up a couple of live tracks onto the website site and there will be more tracks will be coming along as I get them finished.

There are some more gigs coming up too which are all listed on the calender page. The E.p, is finished as due for release in the next couple of weeks and there will be some phyical copies to buy!!!! Yes! actual cds! the artwork is done, the and soon they will be ordered. ]

Anyway, more updates will come soon!


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